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Services We Offer

Whether you are looking for a custom home, renovation or an addition, JAYDAN HOMES strives to complete your dream project on time and within your budget, using quality materials and highly skilled sub-trades. Regular meetings and communication ensures that you, the client are well informed and involved in decision making along the way. As your Contractor, it’s my job to manage the project from start to finish, so allow me to take care of all details and complete your project stress free.

Custom Homes:

Why buy someone’s else’s dreams, when we can build your own.

In our opinion, a custom home doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive home, rather, a home that is designed and built to address the specific needs and dreams of a family, relating to functionality, enjoyment and budget.  Regardless of size, every home fulfills a homeowner's specific needs; therefore each deserves special attention, from its conception to its possession.

We realize there are many choices in selecting a homebuilder. When you choose JAYDAN HOMES, you know that your new home will be backed by 24 years of building experience. 

In custom home building, the difference is in the finishing details and the flexibility of the Builder to adapt to your needs and wishes.


Adding on to your home can be an inexpensive way to add value and square footage to an existing structure addressing your families changing needs. 

JAYDAN HOMES will do a free in-home consultation to discuss your needs and determine how best to tie the new addition into your existing structure while maintaining the style of your home.


Home renovations can provide you with more livable space or change the functionality of your home to better suit your needs. 

Whether you would like to renovate a basement, kitchen, redesign interior space or add a bathroom, we can work with you to bring your vision to a reality.


If you have experienced fire or flood damage, or want to restore your century home, we can bring your home back to it's original glory.

Construction Features:
  1. Concrete poured foundation walls with damp proofing and weeping tile.  Sump pump where applicable.
  2. Concrete basement and garage floors.
  3. Basement area unfinished except where noted in contract.
  4. Kiln-dried wall studs used in all finished areas of the home for straighter walls and fewer nail pops.
  5. All ceilings are a smooth 8ft finish (unless otherwise noted).
  6. Flooring system engineered TGIs (silent floors).
  7. Exterior walls 2X6 construction.
  8. Garage walls 2X4 construction.
  9. 5/8 tonque and groove sub-floor glued and nailed to floor joist.
  10. 1/2 inch roof sheathing wth H-clips where applicable.
  11. 7/16 OSB sheathing on exterior walls with Tyvac house wrap and taped.
  12. Engineered roof trusses where applicable.
  13. Wood and steel beam/LVL construction.
  14. Sump pump system with weeping tile, back up pump (if specified).
Builder's Notes:
  1. JAYDAN HOMES does not do any work without the proper building permits.
  2. Purchaser acknowledges that variations may occur in the characteristics of natural wood product and finish that are beyond the control of the Vendor-Builder and agrees to accept such variations.
  3. JAYDAN HOMES has the right to substitute materials of equal or better quality.
  4. All selections to be made from builder samples within the time frame specified by the builder.
  5. Actual useable square footage and room dimensions may vary those indicated on floor plans.
  6. All work that is subcontracted by JAYDAN HOMES comes with full warranties which will be given to homeowner.
  7. JAYDAN HOMES carries liability insurance, builder's risk insurance and all workers are covered by WSIB insurance.
  8. All Sub-Contractors working for JAYDAN HOMES are fully licensed and insured.
  9. JAYDAN HOMES will supply all engineered drawings, inspection reports, final occupancy reports, building and health permits, well test reports, to the homeowner.
  10. Once homeowner takes possession of house, it is up to the homeowner to make sure proper steps are taken to have the house consistently acclimatised to avoid any moisture in the house especially for hardwood flooring.
  11. JAYDAN HOMES will set up an account for homeowners with propane/natural gas services.
  12. It is up to the homeowner to transfer Hydro One into their name on closing day.